Homeostatic and Endocrine Systems

Faculty working in Homeostatic and Endocrine Systems

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  • How would you describe your background? (I.E. where you are from? How did you first get interested in your area of research? Etc.) I always wanted to do biology. I always found that interesting, I took AP biology in high school and said, “This is what I want to major in.” Even though I went to two different undergrads, I was always a biology major. I guess I would say I say that my Ph.D. and post-docs were all in hormones and biological rhythms. I entered graduate school to do reproduction, but I had a lab that also did biological rhythms, which I knew nothing about. So that’s the area I’ve been in since 97.
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  • The Neuroscience Program is excited to welcome new NSP faculty member Daniel McKim. Dr. McKim is the most recent addition to the Animal Sciences department starting as an assistant professor in November 2018.