Neuroscience Fall and Spring Seminars


The Neuroscience Program holds weekly seminars featuring top neuroscientists from a wide range of research areas.  Each fall and spring, faculty members and graduate students host guests coming to speak with the Program and to meet with students, faculty and postdocs.   There is a regular postdoc breakfast at the Courier Cafe, graduate student lunch in the Neuroscience Lounge and journal discussion in the Journal Club with the speakers.

 The seminars are open to those of varying research areas and levels of expertise.  Speakers are asked to discuss their work while also keeing it accessible to students and faculty from a broad range of disciplines.  Questions are welcome at the end of every seminar.

Check out the upcoming and previous speakers on the Seminar Calendar.  


Recent Seminar Announcements:

3/12/2019 Hongbing Wang

3/05/2019 Janice Urban