Mark Hauber named Harley Jones Van Cleave Professor

Faculty in the News: Mark Hauber, Professor of Animal Biology


From left: Carla Cáceres, director of the School of Integrative Biology, Kevin Pitts, vice provost for undergraduate education at Illinois, Mark Hauber, and Feng Sheng Hu, Harry E. Preble Dean of the College of LAS, speak during Hauber’s investiture cerem

Mark E. Hauber, a professor of animal biology, has been named the Harley Jones Van Cleave Professor in the School of Integrative Biology. The endowed position is named for the late Harley Jones Van Cleave, a prominent professor of zoology and Illinois alumnus who served at the University of Illinois from 1913-1952.

Hauber’s research focuses on the evolution of animal recognition systems. He uses behavioral, developmental, physiological, and molecular tools to study the social and genetic consequences of species recognition in avian brood parasites such as cuckoos, cowbirds, and wydahs and their hosts.  See More


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