Undergraduates & Neuroscience


The Undergraduate Neuroscience Society provides a venue for students to get involved with neuroscience on campus through volunteering and research opportunities, as well as meet others who share the same interest. For more information, contact:

Emily Grumish (grumish2@illinois.edu), President

Kasey Lee (kaseywl2@illinois.edu), Vice President

Rhea Akhaury (akhaury2@illinois.edu), Treasurer

Julia Radu (jradu2@illinois.edu), Outreach Chair

Anna Tsyrulnikov (annat4@illinois.edu), Social Chair

For a calendar of events and meetings please visit the UNS Facebook page.


MCB Certificate in Neuroscience

The Certificate in Neuroscience option allows any UIUC undergraduate major to obtain recognition for completing coursework providing a foundational understanding of brain function at multiple levels of organization. Students completing the certificate will be presented with an official certificate document and will be free to use this credential on a CV/resume or application for advanced study.


Independent Programs of Study

Students may major in neuroscience through the Independent Programs of Study (IPS) program in LAS. The Neuroscience Program provides a list of courses from which students may select a program of study that matches their interests and will prepare them for their chosen career path. Students interested in the IPS are encouraged to begin work on their proposed programs early in their sophomore year; all IPS programs must be approved before the end of the junior year.




Many NSP labs welcome undergraduate students as active participants in research. Students may volunteer to gain research experience, or may work for course credit. Paid hourly positions are available in some labs, particularly in the summer.

Students should directly contact faculty members to ask about opportunities.


FUN (Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience)


FUN is an organization dedicated to promoting.education in neuroscience at the undergraduate level though the provision of supportive funding and information, such as travel awards, teaching awards, newsletters and workshops.

Visit the FUN website.