Undergraduates & Neuroscience


The Undergraduate Neuroscience Society provides a venue for students to get involved with neuroscience on campus through volunteering and research opportunities, as well as meet others who share the same interest. For more information, contact:


President: Kasey Lee (kaseywl2@illinois.edu)

Vice President: Benedict Yeoh (byeoh2@illinois.edu)

Treasurer: Esther Cho (seoyeon9@illinois.edu)

Outreach Chair: Nithya Anand (nanand9@illinois.edu)

Social Chair: Anna Tsyrulnikov (annat4@illinois.edu)

Grad Student Advisor: Chen Huang (chenh3@illinois.edu)


For a calendar of events and meetings please visit the UNS Facebook page.


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

MCB Undergraduate Neuroscience Degree, BSLAS

The School of Molecular and Cellular Biology offers an undergraduate degree in neuroscience.  This combines the study of molecular and cellular biology with neuroscience, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, and neuro-pathology.  For more information, contact Nikki Clarkson in MCB.

Psychology Undergraduate Neuroscience Degree, BSLAS

The Department of Psychology offers three different undergraduate degrees within neuroscience. 

  • The first, the Brain and Cognitive Science major provides fundamental training in psychology, neuroscience, and computation. 
  • The second is a Psychology major with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience with a focus on the study of the biological mechanisms underlying behavior. 
  • The third is a Psychology major with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience with a focus on the study of how and where higher-level cognitive abilities are processed in the brain.

College of Engineering

Neural Engineering

The College of Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Neural Engineering.  This degree seeks to provide a rigorous and focused training at the intersection of neuroscience and engineering fundamentals.  



Many NSP labs welcome undergraduate students as active participants in research. Students may volunteer to gain research experience, or may work for course credit. Paid hourly positions are available in some labs, particularly in the summer.

Students should contact faculty members directly to ask about opportunities.


FUN (Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience)


FUN is an organization dedicated to promoting.education in neuroscience at the undergraduate level though the provision of supportive funding and information, such as travel awards, teaching awards, newsletters and workshops.

Visit the FUN website.