Stubbs Lab

Stubbs LogoThe Stubbs Lab is interested in the mechanisms of gene regulation, especially long-range regulatory mechanisms, and on the phenotypic impact of variation in these mechanisms at the individual and species levels. We are particularly interested in the development and adult plasticity of tissues with the highest levels of intra- and interspecies diversity, especially the brain. To investigate the mechanisms underlying this diversity, we combine comparative genomics, mouse genetics, high-resolution imaging, chromatin-based methods, and bioinformatics analysis, with the goal of linking regulatory variation to specific morphological and behavioral traits.

Our current work is focused in two areas: 

  • Investigating the regulatory functions of transcription factor genes and networks associated with brain development and adult brain plasticity
  • Identifying conserved and species-variant components of the mammalian regulatory machinery, especially those components controlling brain development and adaptive brain plasticity in adults.  We are particularly interested in how variation in these genetic factors translates into behavioral differences.
  • Investigating the mechanisms through which disruption of conserved "gene neighborhoods," through genome rearrangements and other types of regulatory mutations, contributes to the complex genetics of brain development, behavior, and neurological disease.

Our Principal Investigator is Lisa J Stubbs.

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Research Interests