Shen Lab

Active NeuronThe research in the Shen lab aims to push the limits of electroanalytical chemistry in neural analysis. Our research interfaces between state of art ultra-high-resolution nano-electroanalytical chemistry and neurobiology. We have developed nano liquid/liquid junction electrodes for the real-time study of chemical transmission at the single synapse and single cell. Our group has pioneered in the study of single-cell exocytosis of acetylcholine with nm spatial resolution (Chemical Science, 2018), and we unveiled for the first time the diverse signaling dynamics of cholinergic transmitters, composed of singlets, doublets, and multiplets (JACS 2018). The main theme of our research is to interrogate chemical, spatial and temporal heterogeneity in biomaterials using chemically-specific nanosensor probes. Currently, our efforts are geared towards two goals:

  1. Developing a multifunctional platform for a comprehensive understanding of neurotransmission
  2. Interrogating neurological disorders with nanometer spatial resolution and in living cell conditions.

Our Principal Investigator is Mei Shen.

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