SCOPE Neuroscience Lab (a.k.a Dlab)

Silhouette of two people with easels, one says emotion and one says mindThe main research topic in the Social, Cognitive, Personality, and Emotional (SCOPE) Neuroscience Lab, otherwise known as the Dolcos Lab (a.k.a Dlab), is investigating the neural mechanisms underlying interactions between emotion and cognition. Emotions can impact cognition by exerting both enhancing effects (e.g., better memory for emotional events) and impairing effects (e.g., increased emotional distractibility). Emotion processing, however, is also susceptible to cognitive influences, typically expressed as cognitive control of emotion or emotion regulation.

Investigation of the neural mechanisms underlying these phenomena is critical for understanding mood and anxiety disorders that are associated with intrusive recollection of distressing events and increased emotional distractibility, and are characterized by emotion dysregulation. The tendency to ruminate on negative emotions and memories observed in depressed patients or increased emotional sensitivity observed in patients suffering from anxiety disorders affect tremendously the way these patients think and behave. Therefore, it has become apparent that findings cures for these disorders depend on understanding the brain mechanisms that are responsible for such dramatic changes in the ways emotion interfaces with cognition, leading to dysfunctional emotion-cognition interactions.

One of our co-Directors is Florin Dolcos.

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