IHSI and Illinois Extension Partner to Present Series on Brain Health


Nutrition, Wellness, and the Brain is a free 6-part series taught by Corinne Cannavale, a graduate student in the Neuroscience Program at the University of Illinois. Attend all 6 sessions, or simply drop in on the sessions that fit your schedule. This program will be hosted at Lodgic, if you are in need of daycare or lunch, please check out their services.  They do offer Kids Camp which is a DCFS licensed care center. Therefore they are able to accommodate children/families who have registered and completed the necessary paperwork. Families can find enrollment information by visiting their website at www.lodgic.org/kids-camp-membership-plans or by stopping by the center to get a first-hand look and speak with a member of their Kids Camp team. 

Each of these lessons will be held from 12:15-1:00 p.m. at Lodgic Everyday Communities Event Hall (1807 S. Neil St. Champaign, IL 61820). 

Please register by specifying which session(s) you plan to attend. Contact 217.333.7672 with any further questions. 


Intro to Nutrition and the Brain Health:

  • Learn where to find reliable information about nutrition and health. Increase awareness and understanding of whole-food nutrient bioavailability, including understanding supplements and where they fall short and how to get the most of your vitamins. 

Early Life Nutrition and Brain Health:

  • We will be discussing nutrients that are known to impact prenatal brain development and addressing the positives of breastfeeding on the infant's brain. 

Childhood Nutrition:

  • We will be explaining which nutrients are thought to be beneficial for optimal brain health in childhood. Then we will be showing evidence for improved cognitive function (intervention trials) and nutrition status in children. 

    Physical Activity:

    • We will be defining guidelines for physical activity and non-sedentary time for childhood. Then share research pertaining to the beneficial effects of aerobic exercise on brain function in childhood. 

    Nutrition and Wellness into Adulthood:

    • In this session, we will be addressing the benefits of nutrition on cognitive function into adulthood while presenting evidence for physical activity benefits on brain health. 

    Nutrition, Wellness, and Aging:

    • In this session, we will be discussing the benefits of adequate nutrition and physical for proper brain function. 

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