Prosthetic hand creates opportunities

Alumni in the News: Aadeel Akhtar, 2017


BEN TSCHETTER Aadeel Akhtar, founder of PSYONIC, shows the functions of his robotic prosthetic arm. The arm responds to human muscle activity to mimic hand movements. Image - The Daily Illini

Featured in the April 10 Daily Illini, Aadeel Akhtar, founder of PSYONIC, is featured for the bionic hand he has been working on and is currently produced by PSYONIC.  He states, “Our prosthetic hand is actually faster, smaller and stronger than all the other prosthetic hands that are out there, and on top of that, we give them their sense of touch back which is something that no prosthetics on the market are able to do.”  PSYONIC is based locally EnterpriseWorks at the University.  Go to The Daily Illini to read more.

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