Neuroscience Awards
Honors & Awards

Each year, faculty and students will be asked to submit student nominations for awards such as the Forebrain Award – for Outstanding Service, the Neuroscience Spirit Award – for the embodiment of the NSP Spirit, or the Special Recognition Award – for contributions above and beyond expectations.  Students will be selected from the nominations received by the Awards Committee and will be accompanied by a $250 prize.


Outstanding Service:  NSP Forebrain Award

The Neuroscience Program lives by the volunteer efforts of our students, who make our events possible but also create an unrivaled culture of participation, responsibility and ownership of our program.  This award recognizes and honors contributions that go above and beyond expectations in terms of effort, conscientious performance of duties, and enrichment of the Neuroscience Program.  Our gratitude is beyond words.

Embodiment of NSP:  Neuroscience Spirit Award

Given in recognition of the embodiment of the NSP spirit in Education, Research, Outreach, Volunteerism, Unity and Diversity, Socialization, and Honor.

Outstanding Effort & Achievement:  Special Recognition Award

Recognizes the student effort and achievement, particularly where those go above and beyond expectations.  The spark of passion, determination and novelty bring excitement to all of us, and enriches and enlivens the program.