Information about the Hinman Lab.


Pretty blue imageThe Hinman Lab researches spatial coding; more specifically, we focus on egocentric spatial coding, allocentric spatial coding, and oscillatory dynamics. We are a new lab with the following positions available:

  • Graduate Students
  • Research Technicians
  • Postdoctoral Researchers
  • Undergraduate Researchers​

We are looking for inquisitive and enthusiastic new lab members. If you are interested in joining, please email our principal investigator at

Our Principal Investigator is James R. Hinman.

Check out our website here.

Current Research Descriptions
Egocentric Spatial Coding

Hinman PointyAllocentric spatial information is generated from and ultimately must be transformed back into an egocentric reference frame in order to guide overt behavior. A key functional cell type believed to be involved in such transformations is the Egocentric Boundary Cell (EBC).

Allocentric Spatial Coding

MRI imageEnvironments are mapped in an allocentric reference frame through the combination of a variety of different functional cell types throughout the hippocampal formation, including place, head direction, boundary vector, and grid cells.

Oscillatory Dynamics

Speed x Lag ChartA multitude of different oscillators is present in the brain that organizes and synchronizes neural activity within and between structures. Theta and ripple oscillations in the hippocampal formation both play a role in allocentric spatial coding and may also be important egocentric spatial coding.