Information about the Beer and Wine Club


People Talking at a BarThe Beer and Wine Club is a social club whose mission is to foster connection and bonds with its fellow graduate student members. The club was started in 2012 by a grad student in an effort to establish relationships with other members of the Neuroscience Program. Originally, members of the Program got together and met up over beer and wine rather than lab work. Since then, our members have expanded to include other graduate students from more than a dozen departments and programs on campus, spanning bioengineering to nutrition to history to architecture. The environment is always casual, fun, and friendly.

Rocks Personfied to Drink WineIf you would like to learn more about us, please contact Collin Kaufman at or the president of the Neuroscience Student Organization (NSO) for more information. If you would like an opportunity to make friends with other grad student or just enjoy some good beer and wine, please check the calendar and join us. We would love to meet you—the more the merrier!