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Supporting the Neuroscience Program

The Neuroscience Program guarantees funding for its students in addition to tuition waivers.  Funding for the Neuroscience Program comes from budgeted State funds along with tuition remission funds.  To allow for additional programming and fellowship support, the Program hopes you will consider giving to one of the available funds.  

To make a gift, select the amount for the fund(s) you wish to support, then click the “Continue” button below. You will be directed to the University of Illinois Foundation’s secure online giving site for your personal and credit card information. To clear all inputs and selections click "Start over."


The Dr. Albert Feng Neuroscience Graduate Research Support Fund was added September 2021, in loving memory of Dr. Albert S. Feng, former director of the Neuroscience Program. This fund supports neuroscience graduate student research, with a focus on students engaged in molecular and integrative physiology.  Dr. Feng was a beloved faculty member, inspiration to many, and a welcoming presence.


The hope is to reach the minimum level for endowed funds, allowing this fund to provide in perpetuity.

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The Founders of Neuroscience Fellowship Fund is a new fund set up to create an endowment that will provide for an annual fellowship for a Neuroscience Program student.  This fund honors and acknowledges the hardwork of the many founders of our Program who laid the groundwork from the Neural and Behavioral Biology Program to the present day Program.

According to a recent survey done by the Society for Neuroscience, one of the greatest barriers to graduate schools expanding their neuroscience programs is access to funding.  It is the hope, through the creation of this fund to be able to continue to bring in and expand the Program by providing a fellowship.  This fellowship is granted by the Program Coordinator and the Executive Director.

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The Neuroscience Program Support Fund provides unrestricted funds for the Neuroscience Program.  Unrestricted funds are used  to handle costs that other funding may not cover. Unrestricted funds provide a pool of available resources that can easily be directed to where they are needed most.  This includes things such as student and faculty support, research support, and research aid.

Annual awards to students for things such as Outstanding Research Contribution and Outstanding Contributions to the Program are provided by this fund.  These are an important means by which the program encourages our students' outstanding work.

Events such as the Graduate Student Appreciation Night are also funded through the Program Support Fund allowing the unit to provide an opportunity for building student unity and showing appreciation from the Program.

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