The Fuller Lab

Blue KillifishThe Fuller Lab is broadly interested in ecology and evolution as it applies to fishes. Fishes are fantastic subjects for evolutionary studies because of the great variation we see among and within populations and between closely related species. We try to capitalize upon this variation to ask questions about:

  1. How does natural and sexual selection vary over time and space?
  2. What is the extent to which variation among/within populations is attributable to genetic variation, phenotypic plasticity, and their interaction?
  3. How do variation in lighting environments and visual systems alters selection on coloration?
  4. What is the extent to which natural selection and/or genomic rearrangements are important to speciation?

We are increasingly using genomic approaches to address these questions. Click the tabs below to learn more about our research themes!

Our Principal Investigator is Rebecca (Becky) Fuller.

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