Through scientific discovery and technological innovation, the Center for Brain Plasticity provides a hub for basic and translational research that aims to measure, model, and elicit brain plasticity. It promotes interdisciplinary studies of the neurobiological foundations of brain plasticity, and innovative methods and technologies to drive neural plasticity through the application of cognitive training, non-invasive brain stimulation, physical fitness training, mindfulness meditation, and nutrition, among others. It also encourages clinical trials that investigate science and technology that aims to mitigate or reverse the effects of cognitive aging, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and neurological disease. The Center for Brain Plasticity also builds upon the incredible wealth of plasticity research and data at the University of Illinois to provide a nexus for future long-term university wide collaborations. It will bring together the plasticity community by drawing on the interdisciplinary strengths of the University of Illinois to support and foster an environment rich in intellectual, technological, and information resources dedicated to the study of brain plasticity. 

Center for Brain Plasticity

figure of brain in person