Information about the Cellular Neuroscience Imaging Laboratory.


Working in the LabThe Cellular Neuroscience Imaging Laboratory concerns itself with molecular, cellular and tissue engineering and research in BME education. More specifically, we are interested in researching interfacing bioengineering, neuroscience and medicine from the molecular to the behavioral scale, and the application of quantitative phase microscopy techniques to biomedical problems. We look at neuroprotection and neuroimaging of cerebral blood flow in the context of brain injury and neurodegenerative disease. Our research topics include:

  • Fluid Percussion Cellular Injury Modeling
  • Multi-Scale Quantitative Imaging of Living Cells and Ex-Vivo Mouse Brains (Living and Fixed) With Spatial Light Interference Microscopy
  • Neuroprotective Effects of Temperature and Omega-3 Fatty acids
  • Clearing Brain Tissue to Reveal Underlying Neural Connections and Pathways
  • LED Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

Our Principal Investigator is Catherine Best.

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