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Dr. Albert Feng Graduate Research Support Fund

Dr. Albert Feng Neuroscience Graduate Research Support Fund


Albert Feng


The Feng family established the Dr. Albert Feng Neuroscience Graduate Research Support Fund, in loving memory of Dr. Albert S. Feng, former director of the Neuroscience Program.  Al Feng was a passionate and beloved scholar who studied the neural basis of sound communication.  This fund supports neuroscience graduate student research, with a focus on students engaged in molecular and integrative physiology.  Dr. Feng was a beloved faculty member, inspiration to many, and a welcoming presence.


Nominations may be made by any NSP faculty member or graduate students for any Neuroscience Program students in good standing.  Preference will be given for students working in MIP labs. 


  • Nomination by NSP faculty member   (any NSP faculty member, does not need to be affiliated with the nominee)
  • NSP Graduate Student in Good Standing at time of nomination
  • Submission of 1000 word research proposal summary
  • Submission of current CV
  • Faculty letter of support from PI and one additional faculty member