Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

Person talking to someone and the other person hearing them talkThe Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience (ACN) Lab conducts research on hearing and speech perception, as well as the disorders (e.g., hearing loss, tinnitus) associated with them. This is done by using a combination of computational modeling, brain imaging experiments, and behavioral experiments. Computational modeling allows for the generation of detailed, elaborate computer programs that simulate auditory and speech perception in the brain, specifically the cerebral cortex. The modeling allows us to describe the essence of a phenomenon being studied and to make testable predictions. The predictions made by the model are tested using behavioral and imaging tools. We use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to obtain detailed images of the structure and function of the brain, in particular, to investigate the differences between patient populations and healthy controls. This will allow us to evaluate therapies and to propose novel treatment methods for a particular disorder.  Click the tabs below to check out our current project.

Our Principal Investigator is Dr. Fatima T. Husain.

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