Faculty Members

Our faculty members are involved in studying many of the diverse themes that are representative of current trends in neuroscience. Please visit our Research Section to view which faculty members are involved in the many neuroscience research areas.

Affiliate Members

Faculty Members

Allen, Jont
Biomedical Imaging, Bioengineering, and Acoustics

Anastasio, Thomas
Modeling neural systems that produce simple behaviors

Barbey, Aron K.
Executive control, reasoning and decision making

Beck, Diane
Visual cognition, attention and perception

Bell, Alison
Proximate and ultimate causes of consistent individual differences in behavior

Benjamin, Aaron
Learning and memory; cognition and aging

Best, Catherine
Neuroprotection and neuroimaging of cerebral blood flow in brain injury and neurodegenerative disease

Boppart, Stephen
Wide range of novel optical technologies, systems, methods, and applications.

Bretl, Tim
Aerospace information technology, systems, and control; robotics and autonomous vehicles

Ceman, Stephanie
Molecular basis of disease, post-translational modifications, regulation of RNA expression, RNA-protein interactions, microRNAs

Chan, Jefferson
Neurological Disorders, Photoacoustic Imaging

Christian, Catherine
Cells, synapses, and circuits in neuroendocrinology and epilepsy

Chung, Hee Jung
Activity-dependent regulation of potassium channels in synaptic and intrinsic plasticity

Cohen, Neal
Cognitive neuroscience, imaging, learning and memory

Dailey, Megan
Energy Metabolism and Feeding Behavior

Das, Aditi
Role of Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in Neurodegenerative Diseases

DeThorne, Laura
Genetic and environmental factors that influence language development

DeVille, Lee
Modelling of physical, chemical and biological phenomena using deterministic and stochastic tools

Dilger, Ryan
Nutrition, immunophysiology and brain development

Dolcos, Florin
Cognitive and Affective Neurosciences, Memory, Aging, Clinical Conditions

Eubig, Paul
Effects of developmental exposure to environmental contaminants

Fabiani, Monica
Memory, cognition and aging, and cognitive neuroscience

Federmeier, Kara
Language, memory, hemispheric differences, and cognitive neuroscience

Fuller, Becky
Evolution of neural systems and behavior

Gillette, Martha
The neurobiology of time: integrative, cellular and molecular mechanisms in the brain's circadian clock

Gillette, Rhanor
Mechanisms of behavioral decision in cell and circuit

Gooler, David
Auditory neurophysiology and perception

Gratton, Gabriele
Application of functional brain imaging methods in cognitive neuroscience

Grosman, Claudio
Molecular Mechanisms of Neurotransmitter-gated Ion Channels

Gulley, Joshua
Neurobiology of drug and alcohol addiction and drug-induced cognitive dysfunction

Hauber, Mark
Evolution of avian recognition systems

Heller, Wendy
Neuropsychological processes in emotion and emotional disorders

Hernandez, Manuel
Mobility and Fall Prevention

Hsiao-Wecksler, Elizabeth
Musculoskeletal biomechanics and rehabilitation engineering

Husain, Fatima
Speech and Language Processing; Computational Modeling

Inoue, Makoto
Neuroimmunology in autoimmune, infectious, and neurodegenerative diseases

Jakobsson, Eric
Computational biophysics of membranes and ion channels

Johnson, Rodney
Regulation of inflammatory cytokines in the brain

Jones, Douglas
Biomedical Imaging, Bioengineering, and Acoustics

Juraska, Janice
Hormonal and environmental influences on development, adolescence and aging of the cerebral cortex

Khan, Naiman
Cognitive Neuroscience, Lifestyles and Diet

Kim, Kyekyoon
Nanomaterials for biomedical research

Ko, CheMyong
Neural and hormonal regulation of ovulation

Kong, Hyun-Joon
Design of bioinspired materials, engineering of stem cell niches, tissue engineering

Kumar, Charu
Systems and computational biology in human disease

Leckband, Deborah
Physico-chemical mechanisms of cell communication with the environment

Liang, Nu-Chu
Ingestive behavior, taste, eating disorders and neurobiology of energy metabolism

Llano, Daniel
The role of top-down projections in the processing of complex sounds

López-Ortiz, Citlali
Neuroscience of dance in health and disability

Mahoney, Megan
Sex, surges, and circadian rhythms

McCusker, Robert
Immunophysiology, Endocrinology, and Behavior

Mehta, Prashant
Nonlinear dynamical systems and control theory

Mudar, Raksha
Cognitive aging and brain diseases

Nelson, Mark
Computational Neuroscience, Adaptive Behavior, Biorobotics

Procko, Erik
Membrane Protein Structure and Function, Molecular Recognition, Neurotransmitters, Taste, G Protein-Coupled Receptors

Raetzman, Lori
Notch signaling pathway in hypothalamic-pituitary gland development and disease

Rhodes, Justin
Neural and genetic analyses of motivation and addiction; exercise and cognition

Robinson, Gene
Neural, endocrine, and genomic analyses of social behavior

Rodriguez-Zas, Sandra
Genetic architecture of health, social behavior, agricultural and other complex characteristics; biostatistics and informatics

Roy, Edward
Brain tumor therapies

Sadaghiani, Sepideh
Cognitive control & network connectivity

Saif, Taher
Nano mechanics of cells and materials

Schantz, Susan
Neurotoxicology in humans and animal models

Schatz, Bruce
Science information systems

Schroeder, Nathan
Behavioral and developmental adaptations to stress in nematodes

Stubbs, Lisa
Evolution of genome structure and regulatory networks; Mouse models for human disease

Sutton, Brad
Development and application of novel neuroimaging methods

Sweedler, Jonathan
Cotransmission in simpler nervous systems

Tajkhorshid, Emad
Computational Biology, Drug Discovery, Ion Channels, Membrane Biology, Protein Dynamics, Protein Structure

Tsai, Nien-Pei
Activity-dependent synapse development in the central nervous system

Uddin, Monica
Reducing the burden of mental illness

Varshney, Lav
Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience

Vlasov, Yurii
Neurophotonics, Experimental systems neuroscience

Whitfield, Charles
Molecular mechanisms and molecular evolution of social behavior; high throughput genotyping and gene expression analyses

Wickesberg, Robert
Mechanisms of hearing

Zhang, Kai
Cell signaling in cell fate determination and in disease