Rodney W Johnson

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Animal Sciences
Professor, Nutritional Sciences
Head, Animal Sciences

Recent Publications

Wei, S., Pei, Y., Wang, Y., Guan, H., Huang, Y., Xing, T., ... Wang, D. (2019). Role of human Keap1 S53 and S293 residues in modulating the binding of Keap1 to Nrf2. Biochimie, 158, 73-81.

Mailing, L. J., Allen, J. M., Pence, B. D., Rytych, J., Sun, Y., Bhattacharya, T. K., ... Woods, J. A. (2019). Behavioral response to fiber feedingis cohort-dependent and associated with gut microbiota composition in mice. Behavioural Brain Research, 359, 731-736.

Leyshon, B. J., Ji, P., Caputo, M. P., Matt, S. M., & Johnson, R. W. (2019). Dietary iron deficiency impaired peripheral immunity but did not alter brain microglia in PRRSV-infected neonatal piglets. Frontiers in immunology, 10(FEB), [3150].

Hernandez, J., Volland, A., Leyshon, B. J., Juda, M., Ridlon, J. M., Johnson, R. W., & Steelman, A. J. (2018). Effect of imidacloprid ingestion on immune responses to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Scientific Reports, 8(1), [11615].

Garner, K. M., Amin, R., Johnson, R. W., Scarlett, E. J., & Burton, M. D. (2018). Microglia priming by interleukin-6 signaling is enhanced in aged mice. Journal of Neuroimmunology, 324, 90-99.

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