Raksha Mudar

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Speech and Hearing Science

Recent Publications

Nguyen, L. T., Marini, F., Zacharczuk, L., Llano, D. A., & Mudar, R. (2019). Theta and alpha band oscillations during value-directed strategic processing. Behavioural Brain Research, 367, 210-214. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bbr.2019.03.052

Mudar, R., Nguyen, L. T., Eroh, J., Chiang, H. S., Rackley, A., & Chapman, S. B. (2019). Event-related neural oscillation changes following reasoning training in individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment. Brain Research, 1704, 229-240. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.brainres.2018.10.017

Das, N., Spence, J. S., Aslan, S., Vanneste, S., Mudar, R., Rackley, A., ... Chapman, S. B. (2019). Cognitive training and transcranial direct current stimulation in mild cognitive impairment: A randomized pilot trial. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 13(APR), [307]. https://doi.org/10.3389/fnins.2019.00307

Swords, G. M., Nguyen, L. T., Mudar, R., & Llano, D. A. (2018). Auditory system dysfunction in Alzheimer disease and its prodromal states: A review. Ageing Research Reviews, 44, 49-59. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.arr.2018.04.001

Swords, G. M., Nguyen, L. T., Mudar, R., & Llano, D. A. (2018). Incorporating Audiological Measurements into Alzheimer's Diagnosis. Hearing Journal, 71(6). https://doi.org/10.1097/01.HJ.0000538926.57926.1c

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