Dominika Pindus

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology & Community Health
Faculty Member, Neuroscience Program


Dominika Pindus completed her PhD in Physical Activity, Public Health, and Cognition at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. She joined The Department of Kinesiology and Community Health from a postdoctoral research position in the Department of Psychology at Northeastern University, where she was mentored by former KCH professor Dr. Charles Hillman. Her research there focused on the relationship between physical activity and cognitive control in preadolescents. She also investigated relationships among sedentary time, physical activity, and working memory in preadolescents. Prior to Northeastern University, Dr. Pindus completed a postdoctoral position in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge in England. She will continue her research in the area of exercise psychology within the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health.

“What attracted me to the position was the opportunity to work at an excellent institution and to pursue research in areas I am passionate about—physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and neurocognitive function—in the leading kinesiology department in the country,” Dr. Pindus said. “I am excited about conducting interdisciplinary work in this area.”

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Community Health
Assistant Professor, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Recent Publications

Pindus, D. M., Drollette, E. S., Raine, L. B., Kao, S. C., Khan, N. A., Westfall, D. R., ... Hillman, C. H. (2019). Moving fast, thinking fast: The relations of physical activity levels and bouts to neuroelectric indices of inhibitory control in preadolescents. Journal of Sport and Health Science, 8(4), 301-314.

Moore, R. D., Sicard, V., Pindus, D. M., Raine, L. B., Drollette, E. S., Scudder, M. R., ... Hillman, C. H. (2019). A targeted neuropsychological examination of children with a history of sport-related concussion. Brain Injury, 33(3), 291-298.

Raine, L. B., Kao, S., Pindus, D., Westfall, D. R., Shigeta, T. T., Logan, N., ... Hillman, C. H. (2018). A Large-Scale Reanalysis of Childhood Fitness and Inhibitory Control. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, 2(2), 170-192.

Pindus, D. M., Mullis, R., Lim, L., Wellwood, I., Rundell, A. V., Aziz, N. A. A., & Mant, J. (2018). Stroke survivors’ and informal caregivers’ experiences of primary care and community healthcare services – A systematic review and meta-ethnography. PloS one, 13(2), [e0192533].

Pindus, D. M., Lim, L., Rundell, A. V., Hobbs, V., Aziz, N. A., Mullis, R., & Mant, J. (2016). Primary care interventions and current service innovations in modifying long-term outcomes after stroke: A protocol for a scoping review. BMJ Open, 6(10), [e012840].

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