Nancy L McElwain

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
Professor, Psychology
Professor, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Recent Publications

Ravindran, N., Berry, D., & McElwain, N. L. (2019). Dynamic bidirectional associations in negative behavior: Mother-toddler interaction during a snack delay. Developmental psychology, 55(6), 1191-1198.

Wong, M. S., Chen, X., & McElwain, N. L. (2019). Emotion understanding and maternal sensitivity as protective factors against hostile attribution bias in anger-prone children. Social Development, 28(1), 41-56.

Chen, X., McElwain, N. L., & Lansford, J. E. (2019). Interactive Contributions of Attribution Biases and Emotional Intensity to Child–Friend Interaction Quality During Preadolescence. Child development, 90(1), e114-e131.

Lee, T. H., Perino, M. T., McElwain, N. L., & Telzer, E. H. (Accepted/In press). Perceiving Facial Affective Ambiguity: A Behavioral and Neural Comparison of Adolescents and Adults. Emotion.

McCormick, E. M., McElwain, N. L., & Telzer, E. H. (2019). Alterations in adolescent dopaminergic systems as a function of early mother-toddler attachment: A prospective longitudinal examination. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience.

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