Makoto Inoue

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Comparative Biosciences

Recent Publications

Sivaguru, M., Khaw, Y. M., & Inoue, M. (2019). A Confocal Reflection Super-Resolution Technique to Image Golgi-Cox Stained Neurons. Journal of Microscopy, 275(2), 115-130.

Kanayama, M., Xu, S., Danzaki, K., Gibson, J. R., Inoue, M., Gregory, S. G., & Shinohara, M. L. (2017). Skewing of the population balance of lymphoid and myeloid cells by secreted and intracellular osteopontin. Nature Immunology, 18(9), 973-984.

Singh, N., Inoue, M., Osawa, R., Wagener, M. M., & Shinohara, M. L. (2017). Inflammasome expression and cytomegalovirus viremia in critically ill patients with sepsis. Journal of Clinical Virology, 93, 8-14.

Inoue, M., Chen, P. H., Siecinski, S., Li, Q. J., Liu, C., Steinman, L., ... Shinohara, M. L. (2016). An interferon-β-resistant and NLRP3 inflammasome-independent subtype of EAE with neuronal damage. Nature Neuroscience, 19(12), 1599-1609.

Lee, S. C., Li, A., Calo, S., Inoue, M., Tonthat, N. K., Bain, J. M., ... Heitman, J. (2015). Calcineurin orchestrates dimorphic transitions, antifungal drug responses and host-pathogen interactions of the pathogenic mucoralean fungus Mucor circinelloides. Molecular Microbiology, 97(5), 844-865.

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