Jefferson Kar Fai Chan

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Department Affiliate, Biochemistry
Assistant Professor, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Recent Publications

Fathi, P., Knox, H. J., Sar, D., Tripathi, I., Ostadhossein, F., Misra, S. K., ... Pan, D. (2019). Biodegradable Biliverdin Nanoparticles for Efficient Photoacoustic Imaging. ACS Nano, 13(7), 7690-7704.

Knox, H. J., & Chan, J. K. F. (2018). Acoustogenic Probes: A New Frontier in Photoacoustic Imaging. Accounts of Chemical Research, 51(11), 2897-2905.

Zhou, E. Y., Knox, H. J., Reinhardt, C. J., Partipilo, G., Nilges, M. J., & Chan, J. K. F. (2018). Near-Infrared Photoactivatable Nitric Oxide Donors with Integrated Photoacoustic Monitoring. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140(37), 11686-11697.

Anorma, C., Hedhli, J., Bearrood, T. E., Pino, N. W., Gardner, S. H., Inaba, H., ... Chan, J. K. F. (2018). Surveillance of Cancer Stem Cell Plasticity Using an Isoform-Selective Fluorescent Probe for Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 1A1. ACS Central Science, 4(8), 1045-1055.

Knox, H. J., Kim, T. W., Zhu, Z., & Chan, J. K. F. (2018). Photophysical Tuning of N-Oxide-Based Probes Enables Ratiometric Photoacoustic Imaging of Tumor Hypoxia. ACS chemical biology, 13(7), 1838-1843.

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