Jefferson Kar Fai Chan

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Department Affiliate, Biochemistry
Assistant Professor, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Recent Publications

Knox, H. J., & Chan, J. K. F. (2018). Acoustogenic Probes: A New Frontier in Photoacoustic Imaging. Accounts of Chemical Research, 51(11), 2897-2905.

Zhou, E. Y., Knox, H. J., Reinhardt, C. J., Partipilo, G., Nilges, M. J., & Chan, J. K. F. (2018). Near-Infrared Photoactivatable Nitric Oxide Donors with Integrated Photoacoustic Monitoring. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140(37), 11686-11697.

Anorma, C., Hedhli, J., Bearrood, T. E., Pino, N. W., Gardner, S. H., Inaba, H., ... Chan, J. K. F. (2018). Surveillance of Cancer Stem Cell Plasticity Using an Isoform-Selective Fluorescent Probe for Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 1A1. ACS Central Science, 4(8), 1045-1055.

Knox, H. J., Kim, T. W., Zhu, Z., & Chan, J. K. F. (2018). Photophysical Tuning of N-Oxide-Based Probes Enables Ratiometric Photoacoustic Imaging of Tumor Hypoxia. ACS chemical biology, 13(7), 1838-1843.

Xiao, T., Ackerman, C. M., Carroll, E. C., Jia, S., Hoagland, A., Chan, J. K. F., ... Chang, C. J. (2018). Copper regulates rest-activity cycles through the locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system. Nature chemical biology, 14(7), 655-663.

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