Alison Marie Bell

Additional Campus Affiliations

Affiliate, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
Lowell Getz Scholar, Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
Professor, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Recent Publications

Stein, L. R., & Bell, A. M. (2019). The role of variation and plasticity in parental care during the adaptive radiation of three-spine sticklebacks. Evolution, 73(5), 1037-1044.

Bell, A. M. (2019). Individual variation and the challenge hypothesis. Hormones and Behavior, [104549].

Pearish, S., Bensky, M. K., & Bell, A. M. (2019). Social environment determines the effect of boldness and activity on survival. Ethology.

Dellinger, M., Zhang, W., Bell, A. M., & Hellmann, J. K. (2018). Do male sticklebacks use visual and/or olfactory cues to assess a potential mate's history with predation risk? Animal Behaviour, 145, 151-159.

Stein, L. R., Bukhari, S. A., & Bell, A. M. (2018). Personal and transgenerational cues are nonadditive at the phenotypic and molecular level. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 2(8), 1306-1311.

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