Program and University Resources

Neuroscience Program Administration

Gene E Robinson, Director

Samuel Beshers, Coordinator

For further details about our administration, please visit our Program Administration page.

Graduate College

The Graduate College oversees and coordinates graduate studies all across the Illinois campus, and provides numerous support services for students. These services include Admissions, Fellowships, the Thesis Office, Career Services, and Academic information. They are also able to offer consultation and advice on academic, personal, and health issues, and provide referrals to other services as necessary.

The Graduate College provides important support to the NSP, and we work with them to ensure that student needs are met. All students are strongly encouraged to make themselves familiar with the Graduate College policies and services.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

The Vice Chancellor for Research is the senior campus officer with responsibility for advancing research at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. Professor Charles F. Zukoski serves in this capacity as the Vice Chancellor for Research. The Vice Chancellor and his staff work with other UIUC college deans, department heads, faculty, and graduate students, as well as external agencies and groups, on behalf of the University's research and graduate programs.

The OVCR is responsible for ensuring research compliance with governmental and University requirements concerning academic integrity in research and publication, the use of animals in research, conflicts of commitment and interest, and the use of human subjects in research. The Research Standards Officer is appointed by the VCR and is responsible for observance of the Policy and Pro.edures on Academic Integrity in Research and Publication. Within the OVCR, intellectual property, technology transfer and academic research policy issues are handled by the Office of Research Administration (ORA) and the Office of Technology Management (OTM).

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides counseling and support for faculty, staff, and students. They have experience with many common problems and issues facing graduate students, and offer individual counseling, group sessions, and workshops.

International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services is committed to providing culturally sensitive services of the highest quality. We strive to create an environment that is conducive to a successful.educational and personal experience through orientation, advising, programs and outreach. We are the campus office devoted to international students, scholars, faculty and staff.