Guidelines for Graduate Study

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X. Dissertation Format and Deposition

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all Graduate College regulations for preparation and deposit of the doctoral dissertation are followed. Students shall follow the format prescribed by their advisor’s home department, or may request approval for a different format from the members of the Dissertation Committee. The general format of the Ph.D. thesis is prescribed by the Graduate College in "Thesis Handbook for Graduate Students Preparing to Deposit", available online at handbook/. Footnotes, references, figures, tables, chapter headings, etc. may follow the format of the thesis committee chairperson’s department or of any department within the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, with the approval of the Dissertation Committee. With the approval of the Dissertation Committee, the results of the thesis research, in part or in their entirety, may be written in the form of one or more scientific manuscripts or publications, with each representing a chapter of the thesis. Unpublished manuscripts must conform to the editorial guidelines of a refereed Neuroscience-area journal.

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