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IX. The Final Thesis Examination

  1. The Final Thesis Examination is taken when the research is completed The purpose of this Examination is to ensure the originality, accuracy, thoroughness, and scientific contribution of the dissertation research, and to assess the adequacy of the associated literature review, the appropriateness of the data collection, and the validity of the interpretation of the data. The examination also ensures the ultimate readiness of the student to perform at the level expected of a Ph.D. recipient of the Neuroscience Program.

  2. The members of the Preliminary Examination Committee typically serve as the Dissertation Committee, and the rules governing its composition are the same as those for the former (Section VIII D). Any change in the composition of this committee since its establishment for the Preliminary Examination must be approved by the Program Director.

  3. At least six weeks prior to the Final Examination (typically once the date has been set), the student must notify the Neuroscience Program Office of the sc.eduled examination. This notification is essential to permit the necessary paperwork to be submitted to the Graduate College. A full draft of the dissertation must be presented to each committee member at least two weeks prior to the defense.

  4. The dissertation is defended in the Final Examination in the form of: (i) an oral, public, seminar-style presentation of the student’s dissertation research that is followed immediately by (ii) an examination-style defense attended by the members of the Dissertation Committee that is closed to the public.

  5. Passing the Final Examination requires the unanimous decision of the Dissertation Committee.

  6. If the examination is not passed, opportunity for re-examination is dependent upon majority approval of the committee, subject to review by the Executive Committee. The same Dissertation Committee will preside at the retake, should one be permitted. The Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Final Examination is administered in accord with Graduate College regulations.

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