Training Program in Sensory Neuroscience

The goal of this training program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is to prepare pre- and post-doctoral trainees for productive careers in biomedical research through rigorous, well-rounded, in-depth training in auditory and chemosensory neurobiology: from the physics of the sensory world to the structure, function and plasticity of sensory systems; from sensory transduction and signal processing to perception and behavior; from analysis of experimental data to theoretical modeling. The training program takes advantage of the diversity of conceptual approaches, animal models, and methodologies employed by sensory neuroscientists at the UIUC campus. Following are the main features of this training program:

  1. Trainees will learn to work effectively across the multiple levels of sensory-system organization, from genomes and proteomes to the specialized cells, tissues, and organs of sensory systems.

  2. The central principles of sensory neuroscience will be identified through the comparative study of chemical and auditory sensory systems, focusing on commonalities and unique strategies in a wide range of animal models.

  3. Trainees are required to develop integrative research projects that involve two or more UIUC laboratories with complementary capabilities. This will position the trainees to advance basic and translational research such as the development of sensory prostheses and artificial sensors.

  4. Trainees are required to prepare and submit their own grant applications to the NIDCD and to critique the applications of other trainees.

Students who are enrolled in Year 1 or 2, or are accepted into, one of the graduate programs in science or engineering at UIUC, and are committed to research in sensory neuroscience that involves two or more UIUC laboratories are strongly encouraged to apply. Trainees must be US citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

To apply, submit a brief letter of application, a curriculum vita, and a 1-2 page research statement (stating your research background, research interest and proposed research project along with the names of two or more research advisors), and have two letters of recommendation forwarded directly, to Dr. Albert Feng by e-mail ( before June 21, 2007. Please note that this deadline may change in future years.

The criteria for selection of predoctoral trainees will be academic background and qualifications, aptitude for science, and seriousness of interest in sensory neuroscience.

Predoctoral trainees will receive tuition and fee waiver from the Graduate College of the University of Illinois. Appointments for predoctoral trainees will normally be made for a 12-month period. Support for the second year will be based on making satisfactory progress and the continued availability of funds.

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