All students are required to get training in ethics. This is essential for a professional scientist, and is required by NIH, NSF, and other funding agencies as well as by the NSP.

We require a total of 15 hours of classroom training, consisting of three sessions (3 hours) in the PDP [link to Professional Development Program] (professional skills and ethics) seminar, and four core workshops (3 hours each). The PDP seminar is offered in the spring. One workshop will be offered each semester, so that the complete set will be offered every two years, and every student in the program will be able to meet the requirement by taking 1-2 workshops per year. Together with the PDP, students can sc.edule their ethics training to be completed over 2-4 years. Additional workshops on topics of interest will also be developed and offered.

The PDP seminar will cover an introduction to ethics and ethical reasoning, and to the scope of ethical situations and challenges likely to be encountered in biomedical research. Workshops will treat a set of core topics in more depth, and will include a combination of readings, lecture presentations, in class exercises, and small group discussions.

The core workshops and included topics are:

  • Research subjects: humans and laboratory animals
  • Data management, authorship, and publication
  • Mentor-trainee relationships and conflicts of interest
  • Research misconduct

This is a minimum requirement; students are encouraged to regularly participate in ethics training throughout their graduate and professional careers.