Yurii Vlasov


Micro Nano Technology Laboratory
208 North Wright Street
Room 1250
Office: 2173001870

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Yurii Vlasov

Founder Professor of Engineering
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Bioengineering
Affiliate of the Beckman Institute and the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory
PhD (Physics) 1994, Ioffe Institute of Physics and Technology, St.-Petersburg, Russia

Experimental systems neuroscience

Our goal is to understand basic principles of cortical computations, from the circuit to systems levels. We focus on understanding how the ethologically-relevant features of a sensory scene are extracted from the raw sensory flow, where this information is parsed, and how it guides complex behavior. One of our major projects is focused on primary (S1 or barrel cortex) and secondary (S2) somatosensory cortices in rodents that process information from their whiskers. We combine electrophysiology with multielectrode neural probes, local optogenetics stimulation with optoprobes, and monitoring of neurochemicals with chemprobes to record neural activity while animals actively navigate in virtual reality and solve behavioral tasks. Correlations of brain activity with animal behavior and choices provide insights on mechanisms of cortical processing.

Research Areas

Major Grants

NIH R01 BRAIN Initiative

Representative Publications

Neural coding in barrel cortex during whisker-guided locomotion; N.Sofroniew, Y.Vlasov, S. Hires, J.Freeman, K.Svoboda; eLife 2015;4:e12559 (2015)