Bruce Schatz

Professor, Library and Information Science, Computer Science, Biomedical and Health Information Sciences (UIC)
B.A., Rice University
M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D., University of Arizona

Science information systems

My laboratory designs and implements large-scale science information systems, which enable scientists to interact across the internet. Previously, we built the Worm Community System, which interlinked the literature and data of molecular biologists who study C. elegans and which was widely discussed in national forums as the model for future information systems. We also applied that technology to neuroscience for psychiatrists who do biochemical analyses of postmortem brains of patients with mental illness. We just completed the Digital Library Initiative (DLI) project, the flagship of programs in the National Information Infrastructure. We are currently building prototypes of Interspace, the “net” of 10 years hence. This system moves from data to information to knowledge by enabling user interaction with concept spaces and category maps to support interactive navigation across subject domains. We are building a digital library testbed for biomedical literature using Interspace technology.

Research Areas

Representative Publications

Ling, J. Jiang, Q. Mei, X. He, C. Zhai, B. Schatz (2007) A Study of Semi-structured Summarization: Generating Gene Summaries from Biomedical Literature, Information Processing & Management 43: 1777-1791.

Berlin and B. Schatz (2005) The Inevitable Evolution of Healthcare Infrastructure, Medscape General Medicine (MedGenMed), 11 sections (22pp)

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