Marta Zamroziewicz

Beckman 2223
405 N Mathews Ave
Urbana, IL 61801

Lab Page

Marta Zamroziewicz

Marta K. Zamroziewicz is a student in the Medical Scholars Program as well as the Neuroscience Program, and is completing her graduate work with Dr. Aron Barbey in the Decision Neuroscience Lab. Her research interests are in the field of cognitive neuroscience, with an emphasis on the neural and neuropsychological effects of nutrition.

Collaborative Projects

Nutrient Biomarkers of Healthy Brain Aging: The CNLM/Abbott Nutrition Longitudinal Cohort Study
INSIGHT: A Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Brain Training System

Research Area

Representative Publications

Zamroziewicz, MK, Paul, EJ, Rubin, RD, Barbey, AK. (2015). Anterior cingulate cortex mediates the relationship between O3PUFAs and executive functions in APOE e4 carriers. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 7(87). doi: 10.3389/fnagi.2015.00087

Barbey AK, Belli A, Logan A, Rubin R, Zamroziewicz, M, Operskalski, JT. (2015). Traumatic brain injury: A network approach to clinical translation. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 4, 92-102.

Raskin, S, Maye, J, Rogers, A, Correll, D, Zamroziewicz, M, Kurtz, M. (2014). Prospective memory in schizophrenia: Relationship to medication management skills, neurocognition, and symptoms in individuals with schizophrenia. Neuropsychology, 28(3), 359-365.

Raskin, S, Lovejoy, D, Stevens, M, Zamroziewicz, M, Oakes, H. (2014). Mild traumatic brain injury. In: H. Levin, D. Shum, & R. Chan (eds.). Traumatic Brain Injury: A Review of the Research and Future Directions. Oxford University Press: New York.

Zamroziewicz, M. (2012). The use of cognitive profiles in providing supervisory discharge recommendations in a traumatic brain injury population. Trinity Papers, 2011-2012.

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