Jonathan Sweedler

Professor, Chemistry, Beckman Institute
B.S., University of California, Davis
Ph.D., University of Arizona

Cotransmission in simpler nervous systems

The Sweedler group emphasizes analytical neurochemistry. This area includes: the study of the processing, distribution and dynamic release of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides from neurons; the elucidation of novel neuropeptides and neurotransmitters; the investigation of novel neurochemical pathways involving chiral transmitters and indoleamines; and understanding the function of neurotransmitter cotransmission in well-defined neuronal networks. Using the methods he has developed, he and his collaborators have: discovered and characterized many neuroactive peptides such as Aplysia insulin, the enterins and cerebrin; measured NO production and NO interactions with classical transmitters and studied neurotransmitter cotransmission, all at single cell levels. For example, using single cell mass spectrometry, Sweedler and his collaborators have discovered more than 400 new neuropeptides in model organisms ranging from mollusks, to arthropods, and are now turning their attention to vertebrate neuropeptides. Neuroproteomics - Sweedler is the director of an NIH Center on Neuroproteomics. The NIDA Center for Neuroproteomics provides proteomics and bioinformatics technologies to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the mid-west neuroscience community while simultaneously advancing the performance of state-of-the-art proteomics technologies to new levels of performance, especially for the study of addiction mechanisms in the central nervous system. Specifically, the Center is built around the overarching theme of cell-cell signaling. Our Center integrates research groups with expertise in the fields of analytical chemistry and bioinformatics with those in biological and behavioral neuroscience in a unified, directed approach to discovery of the intricacies of intercellular signaling. Several current projects involve "peptidomics" and are characterizing new cell to cell signaling molecules in a range of model organisms of import to neuroscience research.

Collaborative Projects

Professor Rhanor Gillette - The roles of serotonin and NO regulating feeding behavior in several model organisms

Professor Klaude Weiss (Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NY) - Discovering new neuropeptides and neurohormones in the simpler nervous system of Aplysia californica

Professor Leonid Moroz (University of Florida) - Single cell proteomics and analysis to uncover the roles of NO in cotransmission

Research Areas

Representative Publications

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