Jont Allen

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
PhD., The University of Pennsylvania, Electrical Engineering, 1970

Biomedical Imaging, Bioengineering, and Acoustics

Cochlear modeling: Mathematical models of cochlear function, including basilar membrane motion, biophysical models of outer hair cells; models of the micromechanics, including the tectorial membrane and cilia motions

Noninvasive diagnostic testing of the cochlear and middle ear: Otoacoustic emissions measured in the ear canal; noninvasive diagnostics; distortion product measurements; SFOAE; impedance; power reflectance of the ear canal

Auditory psychophysics: Intensity just noticable difference (JND), speech psychophysics; confusion matrices; information processing by the auditory system

Speech processing for hearing aid applications: Special signal processing techniques for removing reverberation and noise; multiband compression for loudness recruitment abatement

Articulation index modeling of confusion matrix measurements, of consonant vowel sounds, in noise

Speech and music coding

Human speech recognition: Reverse engineering, measuring and modeling speech cues used by the human auditory system, when recognizing speech in large amounts of noise and with filtering; Articulation index; confusion matrices; information processing by the auditory system with speech as the signal

Robust human speech recognition

Modeling the middle ear in the time domain, with wave models. How does the eardrum transform the acoustic energy and funnel it into the cochlea?

Models of the outer hair cells of the cochlea. Biophysical model of hair cell membrane mechanical properties, as a function of membrane voltage. (with Paul Fahey, Univ. Scranton, Physics Dept.)

Wave propagation in inhomogeneous media. Acoustic horns.

Transducer physics and modeling (Loudspeakers)

Evanescent wave propagation in horns

Musical Acoustics (guitars, fiddles, some wind instruments)

Music perception

Representative Publications

Feipeng Li and Jont B. Allen. (2010) Manipulation of Consonants in Natural Speech; IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech and Language Processing (TASLP). (Accepted April 24, 2010)

Weece, R. and Allen, J. B., "A clinical method for calibration of bone conduction transducers to measure the mastoid impedance," In press: Hearing Research; Apr (2010).

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Allen, J. B. (2005); "Articulation and Intelligibility," Morgan and Claypool Inc., LaPorte, CO 80535 Peer reviewed monograph, ISBN: 1598290088; 130 pages of original material including literature survey back to 1900 of speech perception work, and a model of how the auditory system processes speech.