Fatima Husain

Assistant Professor, Speech and Hearing Science
Ph.D., Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University

Speech and Language Processing; Computational Modeling

My research is focused on auditory, speech, and language processing in the brain using neuroimaging (fMRI) and computational modeling techniques. I have recently expanded my research to include the study of disorders such as tinnitus (ringing in the ear) typically associated with hearing loss.

Research Areas

Representative Publications

Husain FT, Patkin D, and Horwitz B. 2007. Categorical processing of meaningful and non-meaningful hand gestures by Deaf signers and hearing non-signers: an fMRI study. In preparation.

Wen S, Ulloa A, Husain FT, Horwitz B, and Contreras-Vidal JL. 2008. Simulated neural dynamics of decision-making in an auditory delayed match-to-sample task. Biological Cybernetics 99(1):15-27.

Husain FT, and Horwitz B. 2006. Experimental-neuromodeling framework for understanding auditory object processing: Integrating data across multiple scales. The Journal of Physiology, Paris, 100(1-3):133-41.

Husain FT, Fromm SJ, Pursley RH, Hosey LA, Braun AR, and Horwitz B. 2006. Neural bases of categorization of simple speech and nonspeech sounds. Human Brain Mapping, 27(8):636-651.

Husain FT, McKinney CM, and Horwitz B. 2006. Frontal cortex functional connectivity changes during sound categorization. Neuroreport. 17(6):617-621.

Luo H, Husain FT, Horwitz B, and Poeppel D. 2005. Discrimination and categorization of speech and non-speech sounds in an MEG delayed-match-to-sample study. NeuroImage, 28(1):59-71.

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Husain FT, Lozito T, Ulloa A, Horwitz B. 2005. Investigating the neural basis of the auditory continuity illusion. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 17(8):275-1292.