Charu Kumar

3212 Digital Computer Lab

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3212 Digital Computer Lab
1304 W. Springfield
Urbana,IL 61801

Charu Kumar

Research Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Animal Sciences 2008, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.S., Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics, 1993, University of Minnesota

M.Phil., Chemistry 1990, University of Delhi

M.Sc., Chemistry 1988, Indian Institute For Technology

B.Sc. Chemistry 1986, University of Delhi

Systems and computational biology approaches to understanding human disease

My research is in the areas of systems and computational biology. Our group conducts research in complex diseases in human health by modeling, and integrating other -omics data to gene regulatory and metabolic networks using systems biology, bioinformatics, and computational genomics methods. My research interests also include studying how diseases and pathogens may have created molecular novelties operant in the constituent pathways and what mechanisms are at play in generating these novelties, which could then be studied for their potential as drug-targets. Methodologies that will be used include gene network analysis, -omics database and network mining, computational and comparative genomics, and metabolic modeling. A second area of research in our group is fundamental organismal systems biology. The goal is a comparative study of the origin and evolution of regulatory and metabolic networks/modules at a genome wide level in humans, model organisms, and pathogenic bacteria.

Research Areas

Representative Publications

Kumar CG, Price ND. Evolutionary origin of signaling networks in astrocytes and their differential expression in glioblastoma. In preparation.

Kumar CG, Yiran Dong, Gary J. Olsen, Pan-Jun Kim, Isaac K.O. Cann, Roderick Mackie, Bruce W. Fouke, and Nathan D. Price. Halomonas sulfidaeris: metabolic strategy unites hydrothermal vents and subsurface arenite rocks. To be submitted.

Yiran Dong, Kumar CG, Pan-Jun Kim, Nicolas Chia, Theodore Flynn, Philip Miller, Isaac Cann, Roderick Mackie, Nathan D. Price, Robert Sanford, Mayandi Sivaguru, and Bruce Fouke. 2014. Halomonas sulfidaeris-dominated Microbial Communities Inhabit 1.8 km-deep Subsurface Cambrian Sandstone Reservoirs. Environ. Microbiol., January 2014, in press.

Cohen-Zinder M, Donthu R, Larkin DM, Kumar CG, Rodriguez-Zas SL, Andropolis KE, Oliveira R, Lewin HA. 2011. Multisite haplotype on cattle chromosome 3 is associated with quantitative trait locus effects on lactation traits. Physiol Genomics 43:1185-97.

Kumar CG, Everts RE, Loor JJ, Lewin HA. 2010. Functional inference of lineage-specific transcripts from cattle placenta using co-expression analysis, BMC Genomics 11:161.

Cattle genome consortium. 2009. The Genome Sequence of Taurine Cattle: A window to ruminant biology and evolution. Science 324:522-8.

Kumar CG, Larson JH, Band MR, Lewin HA. 2007. Discovery and characterization of 91 novel transcripts expressed in cattle placenta. BMC Genomics 8:113.

Larson JH, Kumar CG, Everts RE, Green CA, Everts-van der Wind A, Band MR, Lewin HA. 2006. Discovery of eight novel divergent homologs expressed in cattle placenta. Physiol Genomics 25:405-13.

Kumar CG, LeDuc R, Gong G, Roinishivili L, Lewin HA, Liu L. 2004. ESTIMA, a Tool for EST Management in a Multi-Project Environment. BMC Bioinformatics 5:176.