Stephen Boppart

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Stephen Boppart

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, and College of Medicine
Affiliate: Beckman Institute, Micro and Nano Technology Laboratory, Institute for Genomic Biology
Head, Biophotonics Imaging Laboratory

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1998
M.D. Harvard Medical School 2000

Using light to image and stimulate cells and biological tissue to diagnose disease

Using advanced imaging techniques such as optical coherence tomography (OCT) and multi-photon microscopy, it is feasible to generate high-resolution, real-time, non-invasive images of biological tissue at the cellular and molecular level for diagnosing disease. As imaging trends progress to the molecular level, the origin of virtually all disease processes, the ability to image or map the location of endogenous molecules or exogenous molecularly-targeted contrast agents will become important for diagnosis. Prof. Boppart's research spans a wide range of novel optical technologies, systems, methods, and applications including neurophotonics, optogenetics, molecular imaging, novel contrast agents, functional OCT for imaging neural activity and physiological parameters, and multi-modality optical imaging techniques. Prof. Boppart also has translated many of these optical diagnostic technologies into clinical studies with several ongoing patient trials at local medical institutions.

Research Areas

Representative Publications

Boppart SA. Optical coherence tomography: Technology and applications for neuroimaging. Psychophysiology 40:529-541, 2003.

Lazebnik M, Marks DL, Potgieter K, Gillette R, Boppart SA. Functional optical coherence tomography for detecting neural activity through scattering changes. Optics Letters, 28:1218-1220, 2003.

Graf B, Ralston TS, Ko H-J, Boppart SA. Detecting action potentials in single neurons based on intrinsic scattering changes in optical coherence imaging. Optics Express, 17:13447-13457, 2009.

Adie SG, Graf BW, Ahmad A, Carney PS, Boppart SA. Computational adaptive optics for broadband optical interferometric tomography of biological tissue. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 109:7175-7180, 2012.

Ahmad A, Shemonski ND, Adie SG, Kim H, Hwu W-M, Carney PS, Boppart SA. Real-time in vivo computed optical interferometric tomography. Nature Photonics, 7:444-448, 2013.

Sayegh SI, Nolan RM, Jung W, Kim J, McCormick DT, Chaney EJ, Stewart CN, Boppart SA. Comparison of a MEMS-based handheld OCT scanner with a commercial desktop OCT system for retinal evaluation. Transl. Vis. Sci. Tech., 3:1-9, 2014.

Shemonski ND, Adie SG, South FA, Liu Y-Z, Carney PS, Boppart SA. Computational high-resolution optical imaging of the living human retina. Nature Photonics, 9:440-443, 2015.