Richard Bido Medina

M.D. "Doctor of Medicine" (2012), Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Fulbright Scholarship (2014-2016), US Department of State.

Cognitive and Translational Neuroscience; Psychopathology.

I am interested in studying disorders with both a neurological and psychiatric component. I am currently studying the intrinsic brain activity under both healthy and clinical conditions. I am particularly interested in studying the underlying neural mechanisms of psychopathology (e.g., depression, anxiety). I am part of the Control and Connectivity Network Team Lab (CONNECT lab), led by Dr. Sepideh Sadaghiani in the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. In our lab, we use different Neuroimaging methods such as structural and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), clinical and neuropsychological assessments, and computational neuroscience techniques in order to improve our understanding of the spontaneous brain activity fluctuations and how it is related to several cognitive functions (e.g., control, perception, emotional processing).

Research Areas

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