Aditi Das

3836 Veterinary Medicine Basic Sciences
Office: 2172440630

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Aditi Das

Assistant Professor of Comparative Biosciences
PhD, Princeton University
MSc, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
BSc, Stephen's College, Delhi University, India

2015 American Heart Association, National Scientist Development Grant
2015 Lightning Talk LIPID MAPS meeting
2014 NIEHS funded travel award for International Winter Eicosanoid Conference

Role of Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Discovery of novel anti-inflammatory lipid metabolites based on endocannabinoids and elucidation of their activities.

Collaborative Projects


INTERNAL Prof. Timothy Fan, Veterinary Clinical Medicine, UIUC Prof. Logan Liu, Department of Electrical Engineering, UIUC Prof. Kris Kilian, Department of Material Science and Engineering, UIUC Prof. Rodney Johnson, Department of Nutritional Sciences, UIUC Prof. Andrew Smith, Department of Bioengineering, UIUC

EXTERNAL Prof. Michael Holinstat, Medical School Pharmacology, University of Michigan Prof. James Kincaid, Marquette University Dr. Ajikumar Parayil, Manus Biosynthesis, Boston.

Research Areas

Major Grants

2015. American Heart Association, National Scientist Development Grant 2013-Present: Industrial Funding from Manus Biosynthesis 2013- Research Board Grant

Representative Publications


Bradley*, WB., Rouck*, J.E., Kambalyal, A., Das, A*. and Parayil, A*., "Orthogonal assays uncover enzyme promiscuity and chemical isomerization and remove ambiguity surrounding key P450 mediated oxygenation in Taxol biosynthesis". ACS-Chemical Biology, 2016, ASAP

Plucinski, L., Gartia, M., Arnold, W., Ameen, A., Chang, T., Hsiao, A., Liu, G.*, Das, A.*, "Substrate Binding to CYP2J2- Nanodiscs Detected by Nanoplasmonic Lygurcus Cup Arrays" Biosens Bioelectron., 2016, 337-46.

Lim, SJ, McDougle, D., Das, A* and Smith, A.*, "Lipoprotein Nanoplatelets: Fluorescent, Zwitterionic Probes for Molecular and Cellular Imaging." Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015 Accepted with major revisions


Roy, J. Pondenis, H., Fan T.*, Das, A*, "Direct Capture of Functional Proteins from Mammalian Plasma Membranes into Nanodiscs" Biochemistry, 2015, 6299–6302.

McDougle, D*., Baylon, J.* Meling D., Kambalyal, A., Tajkorshid, E.*, and Das, A* "Incorporation of Charged Residues in the CYP2J2 F-G Loop Disrupts CYP2J2-Lipid Bilayer Interactions" Biochimica et Biophysica Acta -Biomembranes, 2015, 2060-2470.

Zelasko, S, Meling, D. and Das A*. "A critical residue that controls the isomerization of prostaglandin in thromboxane synthase", Biophysical Chemistry, 2015, 34-40.

Wilcox, K., Das, A., Velasco, P., Sligar S.G. and Klein, W. "Nanoscale synaptic membrane mimetic allows unbiased high throughput screen that targets binding sites for Alzheimer’s-associated A? oligomers" 2015, PLOS ONE In Press

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Srivarma, S., Mularcyzk, C. Meling, D. and Das, A*. "Substrate binding thermodynamics and kinetics to thromboxane synthase in model lipid bilayers", ChemBioChem. 2014, 15, 892


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McDougle, D*., Palaria, A.*Magnetta E., Meling, D. and Das, A*. "Functional Studies of N-terminally modified CYP2J2 epoxygenase in Model Lipid Bilayers", Protein Science, 2013, 22,964 (Amrita Palaria and Daniel McDougle are equal authors)

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