Ian Traniello

I study the neurogenomic basis of social behavior in the Western honey bee. In particular, I'm interested in the ontogeny of aggression in an established neuroanatomical circuit in the bee brain.

In addition, one major side project involved me living in the tropical rainforest of Barro Colorado Island, Panama, studying the transcriptomic basis of low-light foraging in a sweat bee!

Research Areas

Major Grants

NSF IGERT, Vertically Integrated Training in Genomics (co-advised by Dr. William Wcislo, STRI, Panama; 2014-2016)

Representative Publications

Traniello, IM (2015). Bringing science to prison is not enough. Science (349: 6235, 1177)

Sirbulescu, RF, Ilies, I, Vitalo, A, Zhu, J, Traniello, IM,, Zupanc, GKH (2015). Adult stem cells in the knifefish cerebellum. Developmental neurobiology (75:1, 39-65)

Ilies, I, Traniello, IM, Sirbulescu, RF, Zupanc, GKH (2014) Determination of relative age using growth increments of scales as a minimally invasive method in the brown ghost knifefish Apteronotus leptorhynchus, a tropical freshwater fish. Journal of Fish Biology (84:5, 1312-1325)

Traniello, IM, Sirbulescu, RF, Ilies, I, and Zupanc, GKH (2014). Age-related changes in stem cell dynamics, neurogenesis, apoptosis, and gliosis in the adult brain: a novel teleost fish model of negligible senescence. Developmental Neurobiology (74:5, 514-30)