Megan Sieg

2349 Beckman Institute

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Megan Sieg

B.S. & B.A., Northern Illinois University 2014

My research interests include neurotoxicology, developmental exposures, and behavioral outcomes in both incidents of human exposure and animal models of human exposures.

In the Eubig Lab, I studied the effects of developmental exposure to drugs and environmental toxicants on adult behavior in rodents. I have collaborated with the EPA to study the effects of perinatal sub-clinical hypothyroidism on offspring in the novel object recognition task. I also worked on a collaboration with the Cincinnati Children's Hospital studying the effects of prenatal exposure to methamphetamine on performance in the 5-choice serial reaction time task.

I will be joining the Schantz Lab to work on the IKIDS project in Spring 2018.

Research Areas

Representative Publications

Köppen, J. R., Stuebing, S. L., Sieg, M. L., Blackwell, A. A., Blankenship, P. A., Cheatwood, J. L., & Wallace, D. G. (2016). Cholinergic deafferentation of the hippocampus causes non-temporally graded retrograde amnesia in an odor discrimination task. Behavioural brain research, 299, 97-104.