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Curriculum Vita

Stephen Fleming

Fellowship at Egg Nutrition Center 2015-present

My research focuses on the incorporation of egg bioactives in the diet of pregnant mothers and how this affects long-term brain development and cognition of offspring using a piglet model. Currently, I am developing a behavioral task to measure recognition memory across the lifespan. More broadly, my interests lie in using a piglet model to better understand neurodevelopment and how altered nutrition affects learning and memory, stress, anxiety, and their neural substrates.

Representative Publications

Fleming, S., Belagodu, A., Galvez, R. Neocortical Developmental Vasculature Abnormalities In A Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome (poster)

Chau, L. S., Prakapenka, A., Fleming, S. A., Davis, A. S., and Galvez, R. (2013) Elevated Arc/Arg 3.1 Protein Expression in the Basolateral Amygdala Following Auditory Trace-Cued Fear Conditioning