Computational Neuroscience

Computational neuroscience is a vital but little understood branch of neuroscience. Interest in computational neuroscience is growing at Illinois, and this page provides links to ongoing activities and resources.

Computational Neuroscience Journal Club

The CompNeuro Journal Club meets weekly during the spring and fall semesters to discuss papers of interest. All are welcome to participate.

[link here to CompNeuro JC schedule, papers]

For more information, contact Megan Finnegan [link to email].

Computational Neuroscience Workshop

A workshop on Computational Neuroscience was held in May 2017, led by NSP student Kevin Horecka. The workshop included history and background on computational neuroscience, and a comprehensive survey of computational models and their contributions to neuroscience, as well as the increasing use of neuro-inspired models and techniques (notably machine learning) in applications outside of neuroscience. We're sorry you missed it.

[link to Kevin's slides]
[link to videos, demos etc]
[link to the different models used for exercises, and their formidable installation instructions]
[link to anything else Kevin has to share]